Profile GDH Race Cranks With Standard Titanium Spindle

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The Profile GHD Race Cranks feature a full Tubular Chromoly arm construction with a 19mm 48-spline Gun Drilled Hollow Titanium spindle. Ultra-durable and conveniently lightweight, they are suitable for all-round park, trail, track and street use.

The crankset will also include flush end bolts with washers, sprocket bolt and crank installation tool.

Include a standard length 5.625" Titanium spindle for Mid, US, Spanish and Euro BB s. We recommend viewing Profile s website for a full size guide regarding spindle lengths if you are using an MTB or DJ bike.


Full Chromoly arms with tubular construction

48-spline push-on fitment

19mm GDH Titanium spindle

Includes all hardware and crank installation tool

Various lengths and colours available (please enquire if not listed)

Suitable only for standard 9/16" pedal threads

Hand fabricated by Profile in St. Petersburg, FL

Arms machine-stamped with Profile seal of approval

Price (with VAT): £174.65

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