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Its evolutionary, not revolutionary – The Supercross ENVY RS7

10 years ago we created the first BMX Superframe, the Supercross S7, it was developed as the Ultimate BMX Race frame, and it proved to be just that. It was Ultra Light, Incredibly Responsive, Super Strong, and expensive. But it proved the theory that you can build a sub 3lb Aluminum race frame that will last. This Superframe laid the frame work for our ENVY line of race frames and now 10 years later, we introduce you to the new Supercross ENVY RS7, the true BMX Superframe you can afford.

The Supercross ENVY RS7 utilizes our special blend of 7005 ULR Ultra Light triple butted ,custom shaped tubing that is a direct result of working with the exotic Easton® Tubesets for over a decade. Why 7005 you ask? Well how about that it has a higher strength and yield than 6061 when it is properly aged and heat treated. Kind of a Superhero of Aluminum. The perfect thing for your race bike. Sound too good to be true? Yea we thought so too, but after a decade of real world testing, we can tell you it is.

It is taking the Supercross Frame you have loved and refining it for an even better ride and longer lasting frame.

Evolution #7 – This may be the largest of the changes, on Pro size and larger frames, we have always had the BB lug, where the chain stays were welded into the BB lug and the Lug welded to the BB shell. By doing this we maximized the weld area over having two tubes, connect to the BB. Now on the ENVY rs7, we have taken that concept over the edge, but having the chainstays meet the BB shell at the widest point possible, and have now completely boxed in the chainstays with .058 7005 sheet aluminum so the BB area is now a larger box that we accomplished with the old lug style, and increased your launch out of the gate where it is now nearing the performance of the carbon fiber ENVY BLK.

And with that you have the new Supercross ENVY rs7. Available in 18 different sizes to fit all sizes of riders and 8 stock colours to make sure it fits your style. And if one of the 8 stock colours isn’t what you want, we still do custom anodize and powdercoat to enable you to truly make your Supercross ENVY rs7, your ride.


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