UNITED Cranks, 165mm 22mm Severance crank, Flat Tan.


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From the start when working on these Severance Cranks, we had some very specific ideas for how he wanted them to look, they needed to be easy to install and maintain, and obviously able to withstand the pressures of his riding. We took these ideas and combined them with some proven manufacturing processes and by using FEA analysis software have managed to create a lightweight and street tough pair of cranks.

The design has been kept slim, clean and simple to create classic looking arms without any fancy gimmicks, but it’s whats on the inside that counts. by hollowing out the 22mm spindle as much as possible and creating arms with a shape to offer greater bend resistance and strength. As a final touch, all cranks are supplied with an installation/removal tool and a small sachet of grease, which make fitting them a breeze


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