Tioga Fastr X S-Spec Black Label, Race tyre


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Fastr X S-Spec Black Label, Race tyre, 120TPI, Folding Bead, 110PSi, AvntGUARD Layer, Universal front or rear use tread.

The Tioga Fastr-X Black Label Tyre-Folding is Tioga’s most versatile BMX race tyre to date. Increased strategical placement of Grip-Pods matched to multi-facet Nano Knobs on shoulder and sides, capped off with friction enhancing chemical etching over the central tread give the FASTR-X a rarefied balance of speed and control like none before. Black Label Edition improves upon the S-Spec model with high-pressure coating and FAvant Cut Protection Layer.
Material: Cyclex 120 TPI Ultralight Casing
PneuMax 110 PSI High-Pressure Coating
FAvntGUARD Cut Protection Layer
UTC Rubber Compound Folding Bead
Weight: 20 x 1.75: 345g
20 x 1.60: 320g

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20 X 11/8, 20 x 13/8, 20 X 1.6, 20 x 1.75


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