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Every one knows that re-setting your bars is the worst possible thing. It takes forever for your mind to agree that the bars feel how they did before slipping. We wanted to design a stem that clamped tight and evenly at that. We had seen stem bolts snap from a rocky plate and un-even tightening. With the PURGE stem we wanted strength and durability so we went with a fully CNC 6061 Ali block including a CNC’d United graphic on the side. You will notice the clamping system clamps completely shut up front. This is to stop the un-even tightening. Simply tighten the front bolts to lock your bars in place evenly then clamp down on the back to fully secure your bars in place.

The stem comes with a 49mm reach and a 34mm rise. Giving you the option to ditch those ugly headset spacers and tidy up the look of your bike.

Available in Black or Polished.

Full CNC 6061
49mm reach
34mm rise
Black or Polished


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